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CDL A: To obtain your CDL Class A License, there are 3 written exams you must complete in order to have your permit validated for road practice; The General Knowledge exam with 50 questions, followed by air brakes and combinations with 20 questions each. We offer a written exam package to help you prepare for these exams. Once you have successfully completed all the required exams you can add additional endorsements, to your license to help you expand your job opportunities.

CDL BTo obtain your CDL class B there are two written exams that must be completed successfully. The General Knowledge exam has 50 questions and air brakes with 20 questions. DMV will validate your permit which we will use to take you to the road and start with the course. You will learn to drive and park a straight truck as well as techniques used by our instructors to successfully pass your road test. Once you feel confident behind the wheel and your instructor feels you are ready we will schedule your road test appointment. The instructor will go with you on the day of your road test. Jumbool Driving School will award you with a certificate of completion.

CDL C: To obtain your CDL class C you must pass three written exams: General knowledge (50 questions), school bus (20 questions) and passengers (20 questions).Finger prints are required for the P and S endorsements. Once these 3 exams are successfully completed DMV will validate your permit and we will be able to start you on the behind the wheel stage of the course.
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Class D - Car
License class D - 17 years +: To obtain your Class D drivers license you will first have to pass a 50 question knowledge test. We offer questions and answers to help you prepare for this test. Once you are ready you will purchase your permit (6 points required) at the DMV and take the exam. Your permit will be validated on the day you successfully complete the knowledge test. 17-20 year old's will have to wait 6 months to take a road test, and 21 and above only have to wait 3 months. With your validated permit we can then offer you driving lessons. We recommend our students to take the Behind the Wheel course which is a total of 6 hours. Each lesson is two hours long and split into 3 days. These lessons are given by a licensed instructor in a dual control vehicle for our students and instructors safety. You will learn and be graded on parallel parking, hill parking, pull over, reverse and K-turn. When the long awaited day to take your road test has arrived, we offer you the option to rent our car and have an instructor go with you to your road test appointment.

Early Bird - 16 Years Old: The Early Bird program is offered to High School students. If you obtain the blue card given to you at your high school when you passed the knowledge test, we can get you started on the 6 hours Behind the Wheel course. Once you successfully complete your 3 lessons we will take your permit to the DMV and have your permit validated, and choose a road test appointment. If you don't have the blue card given to you by your high school, we will prepare you for the written exam and an instructor will go with you to take the written exam at the DMV. After obtaining the permit, we then can get you started on the 6 hours Behind the Wheel course. Once the course is completed, we will take your permit to motor vehicles to validate it and schedule an appointment for your upcoming road test.
Motorcycle License
Motorcycle: To obtain your motorcycle license you will need to first pass the 30 question knowledge test. After completion of the knowledge test we can offer lessons to teach you sharp turns, cone weave, U turn, and obstacle turns. We also offer the road test option where the instructor goes with you to your road test appointment. 
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